Construction Vehicles!! (Books & Activity)

They say there are only two seasons in Michigan: Winter and Construction.

That’s fine with us!

B is totally fascinated with construction vehicles. If we see a construction site, he absolutely must stop and watch. He loves how big and noisy they are. He loves how they can rip an entire tree from the ground by its’ roots or crunch concrete like it were a piece of tissue paper.

This is my own compilation of B tested and approved books with a sensory bin that has been a total hit with every toddler (and most adults) that have come in contact with it.


I found an “under the bed” bin on clearance and stowed it in the laundry room until all of my bin materials could get pulled together. I used:

1. An old 5lb bag of flavored coffee beans that have been in my freezer for at least three years.

2. White beans that were on the bottom shelf and on clearance at Kroger. (You could also try the bulk aisle at Meijer).

3. A 5-pack of CAT construction vehicles from the toy aisle at Target for $6.00, totally worth every penny!

4. Some old fake moss rocks I had in a bowl on our coffee table before B could walk. They had been “retired” to the bookshelf collecting dust for over a year.

5. We colored a paper plate blue, cut it out (together) and taped it to the bottom at one end of the bin for a “lake”.


Easy and cheap for ALL of the ten minute intervals it has given me.

What works in your home to get those “ten minutes”?






What are your toddlers favorite books?


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