Toddler’s 1st Movie Theater Experience

Monsters University at Emagine theater in Woodhaven, MI was our first choice for a mother-son morning. First of all, I love this theater because they serve beer (and everything else) although I did not have a beer this time, it was a cool and refreshing respite from the heat wave, while giving B and I something to do on a steamy July morning.

I followed a few simple suggestions from moms who’ve come before me, this is what they told me:
1. Choose a morning show time. (Most likely the crowd will be other kids who might be less likely to get bothered by toddler behavior.)
2. Arrive ten minutes (or more) after the posted show time to avoid the trailers. Most toddlers have a 90 minute max on their ability to sit still, even in this scenario.
3. Get your toddler a kid sized snack pack to hold, they will be mesmerized at least as long as the popcorn lasts.
4. Get the booster seat! B would’ve fallen through the crack in the seat if we hadn’t requested it. They are free but were not (hello, why not?!) at the entrance of Monsters University. B is a BIG two year old, and it was necessary for him.

Even though B and I did not sit through the ending credits like his dad and I would have, we had a very nice morning. Was it perfect, no, of course not. Between potty breaks and pure silly’s we saw about 80% of the movie. But, for a first time out, I was proud if B and me for our results.

Happy trails!! (His dad and I went to see The Lone Ranger after that…alone)





5 responses to “Toddler’s 1st Movie Theater Experience

  1. Awesome! Is B just 2 or closer to 3? I’m just interested as I have an almost 2 year old myself.

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