Heritage Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Filling a bucket with water, dumping it out, squishing mud and sorting pebbles, oh yeah, “these are a few of B’s faaavorite things”! B and I joined some of our mommy crew and set out to donate some time to enhance the beauty of Metro Detroit. The http://taylorconservatory.org/ is nearly 100% volunteer based and offers a community garden, fairy garden and botanical garden. While we wanted the children to get hands on experience with growing plants and donating their time, we also were lucky to get a beautiful day of perfect weather and sunshine.



Potty Deets:
There is a clean baby friendly bathroom inside the building across the parking lot (about two ABC song verses away) that houses the Petting Farm entrance. We brought our froggy potty this day however.

It is completely BYO and there are so many picturesque spots to enjoy a meal or a snack, my vote goes to the wooden log benches by the by the slate floor pavilion.

*if you choose to check out the Petting Farm it’s $4/person 1 & up. Cash only.

But wait, there’s more!
There is a brand new playscape (built summer 2012) next to another pavilion with picnic tables that B and I have enjoyed when he was just one year old and still getting the hang of walking. I have also seen someone rent a bouncy house and have it installed right next to the play scape and host her daughters fifth birthday party under the pavilion. It looked AMAZING!

Where is your favorite green space to take your family on a perfect picnic weather day?


3 responses to “Heritage Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

  1. What a lovely place and such a beautiful day!! It looks so family friendly. I live in Atlanta now, but I grew up in Oakland County, (Michigan). 😉

    • Hey, Oakland County is where I lived for many years (Rochester) I love Stony Creek Metro Park, I think that was my favorite part of Oakland County, and Somerset Mall…

      • I was born in Rochester! 😀 Went to school in Auburn Hills. I miss it. But not winters (with kids)! 😉

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