Wine/ Hard Cider Tasting


The Northville Cider Mill and Winery was a perfect spot for a Saturday night date with my hubby. We went for a tasting (yes, I bought a LivingSocial deal, I know, I’m addicted) and found a place we’d love to return to again with or without a toddler in tow.


The outdoor space is absolutely charming with hand painted adirondack chairs and live music (check schedule). The menu states you can bring a picnic or order a pizza and get it delivered, love it! The atmosphere is artsy but not stuffy. VERY laid back staff are chatty, cynical and intuitive, as needed.

The crowd was varied, which I love. 20’s- senior citizens were all mingling happily. Some were tasting, many were just enjoying a bottle of their fabulous hard cider or local red wine. The whole place has a very “come as you are” attitude. Attire was everything from flip flops and t-shirts to polo’s and pressed khaki’s. The parking lot had everything from beach cruiser bicycles to muscle cars to range rovers. Truly, “come one, come all and enjoy” could be their motto.


Although my husband and I were in and out before any real “standing room only” crowds converged, it was a bustling bistro. I overheard one group saying how they had been there the past weekend really late and it was like “tailgating at a polo match”. That brought some vivid imagery of Julia Roberts mixed with Prince William to my crazy mind, but it sounded fun at any rate!

Location: 630 Baseline Rd., Northville, MI (one block south of Novi Rd. and 8 mile Rd. intersection on the residential block of Baseline)

The party is Friday 6-10 pm & Saturday 4-11pm only (for now)

The bathroom: clean and family friendly

The front patio/open green space: perfect for relaxing on a picnic blanket nibbling treats (or pizza delivery) and sipping locally sourced and bottled hard cider and wine.

We brought home a bottle of Rockin’ Hard Cock Cider (yeah, the taste was great but the name, hysterical!) to take to our out- of- state family the next time we visit. We need to represent Detroit and show them how we do it!! Ha!!

Disclaimer: I was not in anyway compensated to write this review. I visited this establishment and I am simply offering my genuine opinions.


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